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Tylenol Infants’ Medicine, Fever & Pain Drops, Dye Free Grape



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When it comes to reducing fever or relieving pain in babies, Infants’ Tylenol has been the brand trusted by doctors and moms for over 50 years. Infants’ Tylenol Acetaminophen Suspension Concentrated Drops is a medicine for babies that provides fast and effective relief of babies’ fever and pain symptoms. Tylenol Infant Grape Suspension Drops contains acetaminophen which provides pain relief from teething pain, immunization, colds, or flu.
Tylenol Infant Grape Suspension Drops 24ML relieves infants’ fever and pain symptoms. Contains acetaminophen for fast pain relief associated with teething, immunization, colds or flu. Gentle on the stomach lining. Dye free, Alcohol-Free. #1 Doctor recommended for paediatric pain and fever relief for over 50 years.


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