We accept online payment with Credit / Debit Card or Store. We also accept anonymous payments by Bitcoin BTC , which can also be done online with a Credit/Debit Card and therefore the steps are listed below.

 * Follow the following steps to pay by Bitcoin BTC online using a credit/debit card without the need to create an account :

             I ) – copy the following link and open it in a browser of your choice : https://www.moonpay.com/buy

                                Then Make Sure that at Currency its written : BTC – BITCOIN

             II ) – Choose your currency ( on the menu bar ) and enter the amount of your order : When you are ready, click on ” Continue ” .

            III) – Enter our wallet address which is as follows : 1JMG1qKLkzjxX3xCAAkCZSRfktCERfJcur

                                                 Andthen scroll down and press ” Continue “

             IV ) – Provide your personnel email to create account and receive receipt of all your transactions as proof . 

              V ) –  Insert the 6 digits that you will receive by email

             VI ) –  Enter your personal information.

            VII ) – Enter credit or debit card information , and after verification of your information, you receive an email confirming the success of                                                               the transaction with receipt as proof.

             We would like to reassure you that this whole maneuver takes you between 5 – 10 Minutes . Its fast and secure .

   N.B: Please follow the payment instructions carefully to avoid any unnecessary delay in sending the package or any loss of time. In case of concerns, please contact our customer service which is available 24/7 for your satisfaction.

   * For anyone who knows how to make a Bitcoin Btc payment, please send directly to our wallet address which is as follows:                            


Payments made are normally processed within 1-2 business days of receiving transaction data from you. If the payment is rejected (incorrect data), we will send you an email and the whole process will start again, so be careful to avoid delays! If the transaction is successful, we will ship within 24 hours of receipt of confirmation while providing you with the tracking number of the package shipped!

N.B: – We count on your very good understanding and collaboration dear customers on the fact of reading the section “HOW TO PAY” before placing any order. This will allow us to focus our energy on the complete satisfaction of interested customers.

 – We remind you that payments by bank transfer are accepted for amounts greater than or equal to 2,500 USD or Euros. 

                                       Please contact customer service if needed.

                                                           As we said, we count on your good understanding.

                                                                                              Best Regards 

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